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Photos: STREAM fun at St. Anne’s

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Students at St. Annes School in Dixon had a day of fun and learning Friday. As a celebration for a successful year the school hosted several fun STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) activities.

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Dixon St. Anne’s School second grader Alex Brown (middle) and first grader Maxwell Lumzy (left) apply tie-dye to shirts Friday afternoon as part of a STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) fun day at the school. The shirt project was made possible by a grant in memory of Judge Martin Hill.St. Anne’s School first graders Jocelyn Elliegsen and Lucas Carlson race their boats Friday during a STREAM activity in Dixon.Third-grade teacher Audra Bates drops an protected egg Friday during a STREAM activity at St. Anne's School in Dixon. Groups of students were challenged to designing a way to protect a fragile payload when dropped from a ladder.Rebecca Halgren, fourth grader at St. Anne’s School, opens up her team's egg protection after a drop test Friday at the school. The ovum survived both a drop on grass and concrete.Blake Halgren, first grader at St. Anne’s School in Dixon, pushes a handmade jellyfish across a line with a stream of water during a day of fun at the school. The school celebrated the school year with a day of STREAM activities.

Source: Shaw Media Local
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