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Kendall County Building Permits

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Feb. 3, solar, Christopher Bayer and Adriana Maldonado, 7617 Galena Road, Bristol

Feb. 3, solar, Heriberto and Israel Huerta, 14776 Jughandle Road, Minooka

Feb. 3, solar, Jason and Erica Carlson, 14908 Whitewillow Road, Newark

Feb. 9, addition, Christopher Rosier and Nohemi Olvera, 7 Cherokee Drive, Oswego

Feb. 9, swimming pool, Michael and Kara Francesconi, 7503 Fairway Drive, Yorkville

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Feb. 4, electrical upgrade, Rafael Robles, 81 Circle Drive, Montgomery

Feb. 9, change in occupancy, Jorge Ramirez and Ry Property Management Corp., 17660 Sedgewick Road, Sandwich

Feb. 9, solar, Michael and Pamela McCusker, 64 Cotswold Drive, Yorkville

Feb. 4, solar, Gerald Parkhurst, 6809 A Route 71, Yorkville

Feb. 15, addition, Paul and Stacey Stauffer, 5400 Half Round Road, Oswego

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Feb. 16, solar, Gerardo Nunez, 901 McHugh Road, Yorkville

Feb. 18, house, Clean Edge Homes Inc., 6106 Polo Club Drive, Yorkville

Feb. 18, remodel, Elizabeth Budreck, 14560 Townhouse Road, Newark

Feb. 18, remodel, Brenda Ivette Sanchez Santellanes, 113 Kevin Lane, Oswego

Feb. 18, solar, Martha Delaney and Devin Ruddick, 13990 McKanna Road, Minooka

Feb. 24, farm building, Christopher Ingram, 14040 Hill Road, Newark

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Feb. 28, farm building, Jose Padilla, 13916 McKanna Road, Minooka

Feb. 28, swimming pool, Brad and Pam Mailloux, 8840 Wilcox Court, Millbrook

Feb. 24, solar, Herbert Schramer, 1540 Route 31, Oswego

Feb. 24, solar, Andres Martinez, 1585 Johnson Road, Oswego

Source: Shaw Media Local
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