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Letter: Looking for precinct representatives

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To The Editor:

This seems to be a time when more people want to be heard, when it comes to the issues of the day. Whether it’s international, national, state or local news, people may ask themselves, “Can I make a difference? If so, how?” The first step is to keep up with the news and candidates, register to vote and vote.

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With today’s connectivity, there is very little excuse to not be knowledgeable about the candidates and the issues, with a small amount of time invested. Taking that a step further, you can be a precinct representative for an established political party, engage with your neighbors, register them to vote and remind them when and where to vote. In Kendall County, we have three established parties, which are the two national parties and the Kendall County Party.

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The Kendall County Party is primarily concerned about local governmental transparency and accountability, yet our members have differing viewpoints on national and state issues. We are looking for precinct representatives who have a little extra time to spare to make a difference in their neighborhood. I know that the two national parties have plenty of openings for their precincts. The two national parties have their local contacts, as does the Kendall County Party. Visit or call 331-213-6667 to get started.

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Stephen Youhanaie

Chairman, Kendall County Party


Source: Shaw Media Local
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