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After being slammed for shutting down a Trump State Department investigation into the origins of COVID, and then indicating there would not be any investigation, Joe Biden has now claimed that he tasked the Intelligence Community with looking into the matter in March, and has now again asked for a ‘redoubling’ of their efforts and a new report in 90 days.

A statement by Biden claims that the findings in March did not constitute ‘sufficient information’ to come to any conclusion on the origin of the virus, but it does admit that at least one element of the intelligence community believes that the virus leaked from the lab in Wuhan.

The claim that just one element of the IC ‘leans toward’ the lab leak theory does not coalesce with reports from a year ago in which senior intelligence sources suggested that most of the 17 agencies in the US believed the coronavirus came from a Chinese lab.

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At the time, however, the sources said the agencies were still looking for a ‘smoking gun’.

As we have previously reported, other agencies and Intelligence figures across the globe are seriously considering the possibility of the lab leak, and have also called for the Wuhan lab to be investigated.

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Following Biden’s announcement, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked what action the US would take against China if it concludes that the virus did come from the Wuhan lab.

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He was met with a non response by the Deputy Press Secretary who said “We’re not going to go there just yet. We have to go through the 90 day review and once we have the 90 day review we will be able to reassess.”

The fact that Biden is finally addressing the issue, and the fact that leftist media dismissals , so called ‘fact checks’, and big tech censorship are being reversed should be noted as a huge victory for those who have refused to be silenced for a year as more and more evidence of the lab leak has emerged.

The development has also renewed the debate over what should be done regarding the likes of Facebook having so much control over the flow of information.

It remains to be seen, however, whether this is merely a clean up effort on Biden’s part to appease China, as he is want to do, or if anything substantial will come from it.


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