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The TikTok account of a Holocaust survivor was recently flooded with anti-Semitic messages as violence took place in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestinians.

Lily Ebert, 97, a native of Bonyhád, Hungary, who is a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp, created a TikTok account to answer questions about the Holocaust. Over the course of several days, TikTok users posted numerous hate messages on her page, according to her great-grandson, Dov Forman.

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“We will not allow this to stop us from educating about the horror of the past, and what hatred can lead to,” he tweeted on May 16, along with a screenshot of the disturbing messages. “Hate only breeds hate.”

Some of the comments include “Happy Holocaust,” “Free Palestine,” “Peace be upon Hitlar [sic]” and “Ask her if she thinks the treatment of Palestinians reminds her [of] the treatment she got in the camp.” In a TikTok video posted on May 21, in which Ebert wished her followers “Shabbat Shalom,” users commented with the Palestinian flag emoji and wrote, “Holihoax, not Holocaust.”

A screenshot of the anti-Semitic comments received. Source: Screenshot.

Forman said that despite the hateful comments, Ebert, who lives in London and survived the coronavirus in January, will continue to educate others about the Holocaust.

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“Hate breeds hate. We will not let this vile anti-Semitic abuse stop us in our mission of educating the younger generations about the horrors of the Holocaust,” Forman posted last week on Twitter.

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He also made a point to show appreciation for those who stood by his great-grandmother, saying: “Thank you for all of your support over the past few days.”

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