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Despite released emails highlighting innumerable cases of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s bumbling response to the COVID-19 outbreak, an MSNBC host said the emails made Fauci “look good” during a pathetic softball interview.

Yes, really.

Despite the fact that the emails reflect terribly on Fauci, Nicole Wallace used the first interview with Fauci since the scandal broke to obsequiously genuflect over his behavior.

“I wonder if you feel like you’re still making up some of that lost ground from many months under the last administration from not just no information but disinformation out there,” said Wallace.

Presumably she’s been hiding under a rock for the last 3 weeks as what the media and Fauci once called “disinformation,” the Wuhan lab leak theory, is now having to be treated with seriousness it deserves.

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“The true mark of someone is that they look good even when their personal emails come out,” said Wallace, while laughing and smiling at Fauci. “So you pass a test very few of us would pass.”

What planet is she living on?

Among other things, Fauci’s emails reveal;

– How he decided to deliberately dismiss the Wuhan lab leak theory early on despite being warned by scientists that the virus looked “engineered”.
– How he helped out and was thanked by Dr. Peter Daszak, someone with intimate ties to the Wuhan lab, for publicly discrediting the lab leak theory.
– How he said face masks were useless because the virus could pass through them before going on to promote the use of face masks.
– How Fauci committed perjury by denying he was involved with ‘gain of function’ research at the Wuhan lab, despite this being documented in the emails.
– How Fauci responded to an email from a physicist who tried to warn him that China was engaged in a COVID cover-up with the words “too long for me to read.”
– How Fauci conspired with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to control the narrative on COVID-19.

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Of course, Wallace asked Fauci about absolutely none of the above.

And the media wonder why they are so reviled.

Wallace’s groveling opinion isn’t apparently shared by White House officials, who are reportedly preparing for Fauci to make a quiet exit in a bid to avoid further fallout from the emails.

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