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The Scotland football team has announced they will not be taking a knee during the Euro 2020 tournament, meaning players from every team in England’s group won’t perform the gesture while England players will continue to do so.

After considering the controversy surrounding the issue, “Scotland have confirmed they will not take the knee at Euro 2020 and will instead continue to take a stand against racism,” reports the Daily Mail.

“The Scotland Men’s National Team will continue to take a stand against racism prior to kick-off for all UEFA EURO 2020 matches,” said a statement from the SFA.

In other words, players won’t ‘take a knee’ – a political gesture that is inextricably linked to the extremist, violent, divisive Black Lives Matter movement.

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By changing the gesture to ‘taking a stand’, players will merely behave normally as if they would before any match.

The decision means that players from every team facing England in the three group matches of the tournament, Scotland in addition to the Czech Republic and Croatia, will not take a knee while England players will continue to do so.

Scotland face England in a huge game at Wembley next Friday.

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England players have been booed by sections of their own supporters before recent matches for performing the gesture, prompting manager Gareth Southgate to double down and insist they will still enact the performative virtue signaling gesture.

This of course is utterly ridiculous given the fact that the opposing teams won’t be taking a knee and some fans will continue to boo, causing more division and demoralizing England players before big games.

As we highlighted earlier, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban defended football fans who booed the ‘take a knee’ gesture performed by Ireland players before a game in Budapest, asserting that it was a pointless exercise in white guilt.

“If you’re a guest in a country then understand its culture and do not provoke it,” Orban told a press conference. “Do not provoke the host… We can only see this gesture system from our cultural vantage point as unintelligible, as provocation.”

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Earlier this week, Brentford also announced that they’d become the first Premier League club to not take a knee next season, with players feeling it has become an empty, useless form of tokenism.


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