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Japanese authorities are set to slap a ban on cheering, eating and drinking in order to stop the spread of COVID at this summer’s Tokyo Olympics.

Mandatory proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test, along with mandatory mask mandates, are almost a given, but organizers are planning even more measures.

Additional security guards will be in place for when the event begins on July 23 and they may be tasked with enforcing blanket bans on behavior that would normally be routine for any similar occasion.

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“Eating, drinking, loud cheering, and high-fives while watching are prohibited. Security guards are deployed, and measures such as refusal of entry and exit are also assumed for violations,” reports the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper.

As we previously highlighted, the CDC also advised Americans not to engage in shouting or cheering during the Super Bowl.

After theme parks in California opened again last month, visitors were warned that they’re not allowed to sing, shout, scream or engage in heavy breathing while on rides.

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The era of COVID has not only created a world where people are afraid of their own shadows, it’s also eviscerated the enjoyment of basic activities that make life bearable and fun.


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