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As violence in Israel persists for a second week, Yad Sarah announced its commitment to remaining open and providing full services to citizens across the country.

From the outset of rocket attacks launched from Hamas and other terror groups in the Gaza Strip, the organization has sent reinforcement to branches in southern Israel, providing supplies like home hospital equipment, wheelchairs, crutches, respiratory aids and more by the hundreds.

Along with increasing its lending services in the south, volunteers are directly delivering medical equipment to those in need.

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“One of our branch managers in Beersheva informed me that Yad Sarah’s operations are carrying on, despite the trying times we are facing,” says Friends of Yad Sarah executive director Adele Goldberg. “Our dedicated volunteers are coming in, business as usual, determined to keep all services running.”

Several miles south of Tel Aviv in Lod, a city known for its mixed Arab-Jewish population and where intense rioting broke out last week, the Yad Sarah branch continues to provide aid to citizens of all backgrounds.

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The Emergency Center and Center for Loneliness Relief has also initiated efforts to connect with those most vulnerable. Many older residents have struggled in the past year due to the coronavirus pandemic; the current situation only adds to their mobility obstacles and isolation.

“Yad Sarah is acting quickly to transport emergency medical equipment where it is needed most,” says Goldberg. “Our staff is working nonstop to reach the elderly in the south, offering not only medical assistance but critical emotional support in this extremely stressful time. No obstacle will prevent us from bringing help and hope to all people of Israel.”

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Yad Sarah maintains close contact with security forces as the situation develops and is prepared to provide medical materials to branches most affected by the ongoing crisis.

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